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  • Thanks for posting this information about these traitorous clowns in TEXAS 2A community. I am forwarding links to all the fine Texicans I can think of and will keep a copy of the list for future reference should I end up living in TEXAS!

  • So all of those “instructors” hate America, freedom, and the individual rights of humans huh? Good luck getting much business now. The word is out on all of them, and how they all opposed Constitutional Carry, and turned their back on the 2nd Amendment for money.

  • After some thought, I’ve asked to be removed from this list with no response.
    It’s not for the bullying btw.
    How can I go about doing that?

  • I demanded to be removed and he said he would. He could never prove that I signed up (because I didn’t)
    Email Raul and demand to be removed.

  • Apparently these instructors love money more than liberty!
    I have a license to carry because at my age I doubted I would live to see constitutional carry in Texas.
    I resisted getting the concealed carry license because I failed to see why I needed permission from the government to exercise my God given right to self defense.
    If I do seek out additional training it certainly won’t be from these enemies of freedom.

  • Be vetted, well trained, educated and of sound mind? When you can get all elected officials nationwide to meet those ‘standards’… maybe we’ll discuss your concerns. An armed society is indeed a polite society… thus the many States with Constitutional Carry. Now… let’s git er’ dun for TEXAS !!!

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