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  • This guy is a fat out of shape fud who threw out his military service ( No one cares if you served fatass. ) ( I served to and guess what ? I want registration for firearms GONE ! ) Criminals will obtain guns no matter what. This guys is so fat his estrogen levels are off the chart so he is emotional and irrational. Basically he’s a man woman. Word of advice for fat fuddy duddy , GO TO THE GYM ! Get your testosterone back up after you have lost at least a 100lbs and then listen to the bullshit of registration and banning of 80%. What a fucking ddip shit. If he still feels this way I want him and his ilk banned from owning guns due to stupidity. Ill agree with Biden if he bans these ass hats from owning guns,.

  • This dude makes zero sense. Who “needs” 50 poly 80’s ANYONE WHO WANTS THEM!! What a turd. I don’t have the space to refute the bs flying from his facial anus. This Tory is exactly what’s wrong with the faux 2A. He does not speak for the 2A he speaks for fudds and cunts who would give up their rights to the British. I’ve never heard such outright treason to the 2A cause. “Why can’t you use a credit card” cause fuck you that’s why.

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