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I responded. Link in my Link Tree. I sent an invite for a Stream on Monday at 5PM eastern. He can prove what he said or ignore it and let people make up their own mind.

I am not an influencer or big youtuber. I am not in this fight for frame or fortune. I will never have 100K subs. Hell, I don’t know if I will ever break 10k subs. I am independent journalist beholden to no one. I will not have my integrity challenged. I even offered to show Johnny B the behind the scenes documents but he refused.

I put my ass on the line every day pissing people off that have the ability to ruin my life. I do it for you guys. I do it for the American gun owner, and I do it for my kid’s future. I spend hours and hours working stories and developing contacts to shine a light on those that violate your trust and your rights. If I screw up I get sued and my career would be ruined. So far my track record is spotless. I will not let a t-shirt salesman spit baseless accusations.

I tried to work it out behind the scenes, but Mr. Bragg decided that he didn’t need to respond. I sent him an email and was blown off. I tried to set up a phone call, but that was ignored. I think he feels trapped because he didn’t think I would fight back. My phone blew up with text once he dropped his video.

I was told when he went after someone else with baseless accusations they let it go because his influence in the “gun industry.” But guess what? I don’t care about that. My integrity is worth more than that.

So the balls in your court Johnny. Come on and show me your proof, admit you were wrong, or be a coward. The choice is yours

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