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18 Sep, 2020

Fireside Chats 125: Tony Simon – Diversity Shoot – Audio Only

Tony Simon is the founder of Diversity Shoot and a friend of the show.

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16 Sep, 2020

Fireside Chats 124: Rick Farren – Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children – Audio

Rick Farren is the founder of Uncle Sam's Misguided Children, a Marine, a legal immigrant,

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15 Sep, 2020

Fireside Chats 123: Klint Macro/Yehuda Remer /Tim Peterson – Audio

Klint Macro Yehuda Remer, and Tim Peterson will all be speakers at this year's 2A

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14 Sep, 2020

Fireside Chats 122: Saturday Night Special – Civil War II – Audio

Sponsored by Hawaiian House. Cool ass gear at: In this special episode our panel

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11 Sep, 2020

Fireside Chats 121: Michael Zubick – Stop Gun Bans – Audio

Sponsored by Hawaiian House. Cool ass gear at: Michael Zubick is a content creator

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9 Sep, 2020

Fireside Chats 120: CloverTac – Social Media Influencer – Audio

Sponsored By: Hawaiian House - For the coolest shirts and patches check out Clovertac

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8 Sep, 2020

Fireside Chats 119: David Frank – One Voice Now – Audio

David Frank is the founder of One Voice Now. Buy My Book: Support:

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4 Sep, 2020

Fireside Chats 118: Jon Anderson – Sandhills Shooter – Audio

Sponsored by Down The Barrel, LLC Jon is a creator on YouTube. Buy My Book:

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3 Sep, 2020

Fireside Chat 117: Latina Locked N Loaded – Locked & Loaded Latinos – Audio

Sponsored by : Down the Barrel LLC Latina Locked N Loaded host Locked & Loaded

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