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14 Jan, 2021

Fireside Chats 163: Flying Rich & Big Tech Alternatives – AUDIO

Flying Rich will be joining us to talk about alternative to the big tech that

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13 Jan, 2021

Fireside Chats 162: Mike Horrocks – Canadian Gun Rights- AUDIO

Mike Horrocks is a Canadian gun-rights activist. Sponsored by: & (Use Code "Crumpy"

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6 Jan, 2021

Fireside Chats 160: Shooting Gallery New England – Audion

Shooting Gallery New England is a YouTube channel base in Mass. Sponsors: https://TUSC.NETWORK and

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16 Dec, 2020

Fireside Chats 154: Jordan Vinroe – JSD Supply -MORE P80 information – Audio

JSD Supply makes 80% frame based on Sigs. Sponsored by: Cool ass gear at:

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Fireside Chats 151: Aaargo Jay – 2A and Civil Rights Advocate – Audio
8 Dec, 2020

Fireside Chats 151: Aaargo Jay – 2A and Civil Rights Advocate – Audio

Aaargo is a 2A and Civil Rights advocate. He is also a film maker.

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4 Dec, 2020

Fireside Chats 150: Kurt Santini – Audio

Kurt Santini is running for Governor of Virginia as a Republican. Check Out:

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3 Dec, 2020

Fireside Chats 149: Cody Slocum – Swamp Dog Armory – Audio

Cody Slocum is the owner of Swamp Dog Armory Sponsored by: Cool ass gear

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2 Dec, 2020

Fireside Chats 148: Zaxxr llewellyn – Peace Times 38 – Audio

Zaxxr llewellyn is a world renowned artist and watch maker. Check Out:

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1 Dec, 2020

Fireside Chats 147: Bella The Warrior Princess Niece – Audio

Bella will be making a appearance on the podcast!!! Check Out: https://TUSC.NETWORK Cool gear

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24 Nov, 2020

Fireside Chats 146: Jordan Stein – Gun Owners of America – Audio

Jordan Stein is the Director of Communications of Gun Owners of America and a good

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