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Mark Warners Response To If Antifa Should Be Considered A Terrorist Group

Dear Mr. Crump,

Thank you for contacting me. Since the start of the 115th Congress, I have heard from thousands of Virginians regarding their thoughts and concerns. No matter what your political leanings, please know that I will not lose sight of why you elected me to serve. I will remain steadfast in my commitment to maintaining our American values and will work every day to ensure that every Virginian is given a fair shot.

Last fall, millions of American voters made it clear that they want this economy to work better for more people. Democrats and Republicans in Washington largely have failed to respond adequately to the seismic shifts that have been occurring for some time across our economy, many of them triggered by increased automation and global, competitive pressures. It is my strong belief that fixing an economy that can no longer be counted on to create steady, well-paying jobs for all has to be our top priority. At the same time, we must continue to constructively improve our nation’s healthcare system, fix our broken immigration system, maintain our military and moral leadership around the world, and strengthen American energy independence.

I have particularly been encouraged by the level of engagement taking place across Virginia and the country. Citizens are exercising their Constitutional right to assemble and organize, and having their voices heard by their elected officials is what we expect when Americans feel like their core values are at stake.

As we move through the 115th Congress, please feel free to contact my office should you have concerns about legislation in the United States Senate. I am honored to serve Virginia as your United States Senator, and it remains my priority to provide efficient and effective constituent service to all Virginians. Should you need immediate assistance in the future, please call my Washington office at (202) 224-2023. Should you ever need assistance resolving a specific problem with a federal agency, please contact my Roanoke office at (540) 857-2676.

Again, thank you for contacting me. For further information or to sign up for my newsletter please visit my website at http://www.warner.senate.gov.

United States Senator