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Originally uploaded by crumpyss

If you haven’t watched “V” don’t read below (Apparently the only people that read my blog are pissed off Islanders fans so it really doesn’t matter. I don’t know where they came from).

“V” came on last night. With everything considered it was a good show, but there were a few things I really don’t understand. Their choice of weapons and human reactions are what I have the biggest issues with.

Let us get to the first issue I have with the show. “V” moved really fast. In the first 8 minutes the “Visitors” arrived and people were scared. Within the next two minutes people were now blindly devoted to the aliens. The resistance forms, some aliens join the humans, and the aliens start to recruit humans to their side all in one episode. At this rate people will be releasing the orange dust from hot air balloons in the next episode.

My next issue is that the robot thing that is sent into the warehouse where the resistance is meeting. It doesn’t explode but shoots out a ring of spikes at eye level. Before it goes off it gave a warning and people ducked. The first thing is why not just blow the place up. The second thing is why design a weapon that gives a warning that it is going to go off, and how did the people know to duck when that warning went off?

After that debacle the “Visitors” attacked with pipes. Why not go in there with guns blazing? What is the purpose of trying to beat the humans to death instead of just shooting or blowing them up? I was waiting for the aliens to tie the leader of the resistance to a conveyer belt with a laser at the end of it and leave an inept guard behind.

The “Visitors” captured the guy who was going to the meeting to try to figure out where the meeting was happening, but never looked at his phone which had the address on it. Why are the aliens trying to get C4 when they have incredible technology? If this was real life I wouldn’t be scared of the aliens because they are dumb asses.